I IS A COLLEGE STUDENT. Tacoma/Ellensburg

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// End of Freshman Year in College//

wow. what a year! 

  • managed to get through all my classes with C’s or better, 
  • didnt go to one party, 
  • never had a sip of alcohol, or tried any drug of any sort 
  • didnt have to worry about a relationship/boyfriend, 
  • made new friends,
  • lost friends, 
  • changed roommates, 
  • was introduced to new music, 
  • found a dislike for community bathrooms, drama and big friend groups, 
  • became obsessed with one direction and rewatching gossip girl,
  • netflix and redbox became a priority,
  • only came home 4 times during the school year,
  • friends got engaged and some had babies,
  • miley cyrus got engaged,
  • beyonce had a baby,
  • desperate housewives ended,
  • found an interest in longboarding,
  • was the sober friend for those that came back not (you’re welcome!),
  • applied and was accepted into my major, YAY PSYCHOLOGY!
  • never realized how much i would miss the puget sound and shopping,
  • made friendships with the RA’s,
  • dyed strips of my hair four different colors throughout the course of the year,
  • watched classic movies that i had never seen before,
  • started to wear my glasses full-time (thanks madelyn!)
  • still watched GloZell 24/7
  • saw kelly clarkson in concert,
  • gained the freshman 13,
  • got talked to by D.L. Hughley during his stand-up and got to meet him,
  • have katie and mollie as roommates next year and taylor and savannah as neighbors!
  • realized that it barely rains in ellensburg,
  • also realized snoqualmie pass is the worst way to travel during the winter months,
  • learned to do my own laundry,
  • realized that tomlinson field is a maaaajor downgrade from stadium’s bowl,
  • lastly, ready to move into Stephens-Whitney? 


// College, Day 172//

well its not the 172nd of college, since i havent written any for about a week or 2….but a lot happened today, so im writing stuff i guess! ahah. well had my one class, and then at like quarter to 4, sean, mollie and i roadtripped to yakima to get longboards! that was fun! went to the zumiez and i got a longboard! im so freaking pumped now! lol. got back around 5:45, and then ate dinner in the room and spent some time out longboarding with everyone. then went to see ‘The Lucky One’ with taylor at the movie theater here! freaking movie was $9.50! but that was probably because it was the midnight showing…but yeah. lol it was such a big disappointment…i went into that movie with high expectations and was shot dowwwwn. lol. we came back here and watched part of crazy, stupid, love and then taylor and i came back and watched the pilot of summerland! were gonna try and rewatch all the episodes! yeah! college for the win! lol going to bed! its 2! night!

// College, Day 171//

Alright I can tell that these posts are probably no longer going to happen cause I keep forgetting that I need to write them. Plus there’s nothing exciting going on anyway and the nicer weather is coming….and yeah! So i guess if I get around to writing one, then I’ll write one for that day! Probably more so if something exciting happens. Alrightyyy peace out peeps.

// College, Day 170//

well. nothing exciting happened today. it was nice out and i had an advising appointment…but that was about it. spent some time talking to the new RA on the 3rd floor! hes pretty awesome! anywho, going to go read my book! im hooked! night!

// College, Day 169//

SUCH A NICE DAY TODAY! It was almost 70! Had classes and then later in the day went and sat out in the field with katie and mollie! Then ate dinner in the surc and then had theater class at 6:30…everyone made this play seem super boring, but it actually wasn’t as bad as everyone said! It wasn’t great, but not horrible either. Came back to the room and watched Monty python and the holy grail in the lounge. Then read from my book (safe haven by Nicholas Sparks)…i can’t put it down…yeah. Anywho going to bed! Night all!

// College, Day 168//

today ended up being really fun! went to the surc later in the day with taylor, then ate in the room…then practiced playing catch with taylor, myles, sean, connor and alex….so funny…hahah. we did that for like an hour ish. then walked to utopia (taylor, katie and i) and got some frozen yogurt! came back here and hung out with katie, taylor, sean, connor and mollie and watched no strings attached! going to bed soon! night!

// College, Day 167//

i forgot to write one for yesterday….and i dont really remember what i did…soo..yeah. sorry ya’ll lol. OMG HOW COULD I FORGET! IT WAS THE DAY FILLED WITH ONE DIRECTION! they were on iCarly and on SNL! soooooooooooo amazing. and Liam did a live twitcam at like 11 pm our time…2 am east coast. and it was greaaaaat! okay thats all. haha

// College, Day 166//

yay! easy friday! had english at 11….and then came back to the room for the day and went to the surc. then went back to the surc for dinner with taylor and katie….its chicken nugget friday! tried the mac and cheese for the first time that they serve with it…didnt taste tooo bad! then at 7, was the talent show that mimicked the apollo theater performances…soo booing was encouraged after the 30 second mark and yeah. it was definitely interesting…but the host was a comedian and from tacoma, so it was awesome! that lasted a few hours and then we came back and watched the hangover in the lounge with a few people….it was my first time seeing it all the way through…i know, im a little behind…hahah anywho, going to bed soon! night!

// College, Day 165//

well long day, had mario kart going before i left for class…went to my 2 o clock class and then bowling at 4…didnt bowl to hot, but oh well….katie went with me that time! but she didnt bowl. haha. came back and ate in the room..and skyped my friend jordan, that was it. not that much of an exciting day! lol. going to bed. night!

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